Ideas for marketing actions during festivals

There is one thing all festivals have in common – they attract crowds of interested people. Various companies organize numerous events almost every day or week. The main purpose of these activities is to show a given brand in a good light and ensure positive experiences of participants. Keep reading and check out a few most effective marketing actions that are worth performing during every festival.

Each festival needs a main event that will attract visitors. Once this point on the list is checked off, you can focus on drawing guests’ attention to your brand. Avoid pushy steps as the participants usually want to experience something new or have fun. They probably won’t be willing to listen about the advantages of your products or watch the slideshows. Therefore, in order to achieve real benefits, you need to do something more. Below you can see examples of effective marketing activities.

5 marketing actions you should perform during a festival

Hang up the flags

It’s certainly hard to miss advertising feather flags with the name of a company and a catchy slogan that at the same time refers to its business profile and some amusement. Make sure you hang up the flags in visible places – they should be eye-catching, not pushy. Thanks to it, your advertising flags will always be somewhere in the background when the participants will be taking pictures or searching for various attractions.

Free gifts

Is there anyone who doesn’t like free gifts? Probably not! Prepare special souvenirs with your brand logo and distribute them among the participants. For this purpose, you can choose goods produced by your company such as drinks, snacks or items with the logo – caps, flashlights, tablecloths, pillows or mugs. You’ll certainly come up with appealing gift ideas that will attract the attention of festival participants and their friends.

Relax zones

Every festival ought to be an event full of positive feelings and effective marketing actions during festivals. However, after a few hours of having a whale of a time, many people start looking for a place to unwind and spend a moment only with their beloved ones. That’s why relax zones, which recently have become unbelievably popular, are the real bull’s eye. Take advantage of advertising awnings or advertising parasols with your company’s name. Moreover, provide visitors with overhead protection, armchairs, chairs or deck chairs so that they can sit comfortably and enjoy each other’s company. It would be perfect if you could arrange a few separate spots to ensure that every bunch of friends has a bit of privacy.

Games and plays

After having a little rest, participants are ready to play again. Benefit from advertising tents and make sure that each of them offers different leisure activities. Choose games that require dexterity and creativity but at the same time guarantee a lot of laughter. Place a ping-pong table in one of the tents and use the remaining two to organize a competitive eating contest and quiz participants’ knowledge about your brand. The sky’s the limit, take advantage of the available possibilities and your company booth will certainly attract plenty of interested festival visitors.

Unforgettable memories

People love festivals that allow them to experience something completely new and exciting. Therefore, your task is to organize an event that will ensure such emotions. Thanks to it, your guests will undoubtedly frequently recollect these moments in their memories. Think about marketing actions during festivals like: balloon flights,  meetings with celebrities, VR experiences and concerts of rising stars or popular bands.