The company implements best practices of managing according to ISO 26000

The corporate social responsibility is a way of managing the company, which takes into account the expectations of its environment. During the creation of the corporate social responsibility, rational resources management and increasing goodwill in the perspective of sustainable development have been, among others, taken into account. By managing the company in accordance with CSR principles, one assumes responsibility for the consequences of their actions and decisions. Developing and implementing corporate social responsibility is a contribution to the general social development.

Ethics and Business Conduct Code

The Ethics and Business Conduct Code (hereinafter referred to as The Ethics Code) refects ethic and legal standards that we aim in all aspects of a business activity.

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Procedure of Counteracting Discrimination and Mobbing

The purpose of the procedure is to specify the rule of counteracting mobbing and discrimination in LUBAWA Group in order to create a friendly and safe working conditions, providing fair and equal treatment of workmates and business partners, and to implement rules and solutions that effectively contribute to preventing inappropriate behaviours.

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Anti-corruption and anti-fraud procedure

The purpose of the procedure is to define the rules of conduct which eliminate and minimise the possibility of corruptive and fraudulent activities in all aspects of the Company operation.

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Code of Ethics of Suppliers of Lubawa S.A. and affiliated entities

Based on values and rules we have adopted, we are striving at exerting a positive influence
on the natural environment, working conditions and local society, fulfilling at the same time
our business obligations at the highest possible level.

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