Product description

Letting your potential customers know about the scope of your business and your location is important in every industry. Therefore, the more people can recognize your company`s logo and remember your address, the better for you.

However, in order to let buyers get to know who you are, you should invest in some promotional means, for example fabric banners. Such banners can be used both inside and outside buildings and serve as a way of promoting your flag product, inform your customers about your seat`s address or even be used in a broad-defined promotion campaign of your company.

Fabric banners can be produced in almost every size, however, there are some limitations when it comes to its width and length. The longest banner can be up to 50 m, whereas the maximum width is 2 m.

While ordering your fabric banner from our company, you can ask for some additional finishing options. The banner can be cut to the desired size with the use of thermal cut method. What is more, it may be equipped with 6 or 10 mm eyelets every 50 cm or a bottom/top bar and a string for hanging. There are also hooks and rubber expanders available so that the fixing process is easier. Each product is rolled up, which makes it very convenient to deliver and store.

Let yourself be visible with fabric banners!

any size
(max width 2m, max length 50m)
Standard material
5496 fabric (Oxford)

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