Product description

Easy up tents– Neotent Basic

The trade tents offered by Litex are known for their high quality and great stability. Taking into consideration that the total construction (including: a frame and a roof cover) weights 23 kg, the tent is easy to put up and move.

All the tents are orderable in a uniform structure and consist of a fixed roof, a frame and walls. However, there is also a possibility to order a quickly decomposable tent supplemented with some additional accessories, such as: walls with windows and doors, a counter, lighting or heating.

Since these are advertising tents, they can display not only the logo and company name. These easy up tents can be also customized so that they match your brand`s colours.

Quickly decomposable tent – Practical in all conditions

A strong advantage of the product is the fact that it combines the practical function (protection against rain, sun, securing the goods) with a promotional function. Trade tents offered by Litex Promo allow the display of the logo and other trademarks, advertising graphics prints and matching the colours to your Company’s colours.
There is a possibility to supply the tent with additional accessories- walls with windows and doors, counter, lightning or heating.


To advertise a company or a brand means to drag your audience`s attention in many ways. Now, you can do this also during open-air mass events. You just need to equip yourself with a special branded tent including your company name and your logo.

A huge advantage of this kind of advertising tool is that this easy up tent combines both: the practical and promotional functions. First of all, the tent protects your audience and your goods against rain and sun. On the other hand, it lets you display your logo and company name so that you can become more recognizable.

Available sizes

Size2 x 22,5 x 2,53 x 34 x 42 x 32 x 43 x 4,53 x 64 x 8
Tent weight (frame + roof canopy)17,5 kg21 kg23 kg25,5 kg20 kg28 kg28 kg32 kg66 kg
A1 [mm]200025003000400030002000300030004000
A2 [mm]200025003000400020004000450060008000
B [mm]2470 (max)2470 (max)2470 (max)2470 (max)2470 (max)2470 (max)2470 (max)2470 (max)2470 (max)
C [mm]3500 (max)3300 (max)3500 (max)3985 (max)3490 (max)3030 (max)3510 (max)3500 (max)3910 (max)
D [mm]380380380380380380380380380

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