Professional tents

Professional Tents

Mobile pop-up tents can be used as
medical tents, technical tents, rescue tents
and as temporary constructions for quick response in crisis situations.

Pop-up gazebos


Quick assembly tents are universal and adapted for fast & easy setup while maintaining maximum mobility. Express gazebos allow for a quick and efficient setup of roofing and separate spaces in the field. Solution suitable for:

– Uniformed and emergency services,
– Local government institutions,
– Construction and technical works
– Sanitary and emergency services.


Technical tents

Technical and emergency tents

Pop-up technical tents will prove themselves as a mobile security or barrier point of the work area, while supporting the visibility therefore improving safety.


Emergency and medical tents

Mobile medical tents are useful wherever, for sanitary and epidemiological reasons, fast and efficient separation from permanent infrastructure is required.
Medical tents


The use of pop-up gazebos

Express tents can be used e.g. for:

– Roofing of control points,
– Temporary offices,
– Information points,
– Sanitary tents,
– Storage places,
– Mobile Headquarters,
– Social & technical tents,
– Dining rooms, changing rooms, etc.



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Features of pop-up gazebos


Lightweight aluminum construction of professional tents
The lightweight aluminum construction and the roof integrated with the frame enable a quick and easy positioning, practically on any terrain in a short time, and also increase the mobility of the tent.
Modular design of professional tents
The modular design and the possibility of wall configurations allow for placing tents individually and in sets of several interconnected tents.
Durable canopy of professional tents
Durable canopy thanks to the use of high-quality polyester fabric, with the possibility of using additional specialized finishes.


Watertightness and resistance of professional tents
Watertightness and resistance to the harmful effects of various atmospheric factors to which the pop-up tent may be exposed during field service.
Quick unfolding and folding of professional tents
Quick unfolding and folding time due to the use of functional mechanisms allowing for optimal and easy operation, which is important in the event of a crisis.


Available tent sizes

Pop-up tents are available in several sizes, adapted to different needs:


3 × 3 m professional tent
3 × 3 m
3 × 4,5 m professional tent
3 × 4,5 m
3 × 6 m professional tent
3 × 6 m
4 × 4 m professional tent
4 × 4 m


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Additional accessories


Tent's legs connector for professional tents
Tent’s legs connector
Aluminum curtain pole for technical tents
Aluminum curtain pole
Guy lines for technical tents
Guy lines
Lighting for professional tents


Cast iron with rubber end caps for professional tents
Cast iron with rubber end caps
Cast iron with rubber end caps - Bag
Cast iron with rubber end caps – Bag
Standard cover for professional tents
Standard cover
Radiator 500W for professional tents
Radiator 500W


Gutter for professional tents
Tent pins for technical tents
Tent pins
Sandbag for professional tents
Cable organiser for technical tents
Cable organiser


Do you need more information?

Familiarize yourself with the purpose of our pop-up technical gazebos


Technical tent – a mobile management and storage point

Excellent organization and the ability to act quickly – these are the aims of the people and institutions responsible for organizing and securing mass events. Often, this also applies to institutions that are responsible for coordination and management during the occurrence of unexpected random events that are subject to immediate intervention. Not often in hard-to-reach locations, with the possibility of quick relocation.

As a long-term tent manufacturer, we have already implemented projects for various institutions and organizations that have to deal with work in extreme conditions on a daily basis. Health and even human life often depend on the result of their actions. Over the years, we have collected a lot of opinions and experiences, which resulted in the creation of technical tents for the most demanding customers. Their favourable opinions and the implementation of subsequent orders are the best answer to the question – Will our technical & emergency gazebos meet your expectations as well?


Medical gazebo in the field

A medical pop-up tent is an ideal organizational and location solution for medical services when securing any type of mass events. Its utility values will be appreciated in particular by medics and volunteers working during large-scale events in the open air.

Our medical & emergency gazebos are also used by hospitals and medical clinics. They enable the organization of mobile admission rooms or create isolation zones. The mobile and solid construction is resistant to changing weather conditions, thus ensuring the comfort of people staying in it.

One medical tent will be too small? Not a problem. The technical gazebo can be extended by combining it with another tent from our offer. Dedicated gutters and connectors will allow its unlimited utility values to be maintained at any joining.


Unlimited use of technical tents

Our many years of experience have allowed us to create a product that is perfect for a variety of purposes in the open. Solid construction and the use of the highest quality materials is its best showcase.

An additional advantage is the possibility of making a personalized print, thanks to which your medical or technical tent will be an excellent medium for directed messages. High-quality print will be resistant to changing weather conditions and many years of use.

Our technical tents are perfect as:

  • Medical points during mass outdoor events
  • Mobile management points in crisis staffs
  • Organizational points for state institutions and uniformed services
  • Broadly understood points of information, information, clearance, etc.
  • Modular field storage
  • Social points, dining rooms, changing rooms
  • Sanitary control points
  • Ticket control points
  • Contamination control points
  • Mobile point for Customs and passport control
  • Toll Booths

3 x 3 pop-up tent – explore the full range of technical gazebos

Discover the full range of technical tents and emergency gazebos, thanks to which you can quickly set up a fully functional and mobile utility object. Technical tent is made of solid materials. Resistant to changing weather conditions, mechanical damage, and many years of use. Simple but solid construction, dedicated to the most demanding customers.

Full range of technical gazebos:

  • 3 x 3 technical tent
  • 3x 4,5 technical tent
  • 3 x 6 technical tent
  • 4 x 4 technical tent

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