Discover NEOtent™

NEOtent™ is a complete exhibition tent that allows you to create a variety of forms of outdoor exposure in accordance with the brand’s imagination and customer expectations.

Thanks to the combination of many years of experience of the company, advanced technological facilities and a team of professionals, we have created a comfortable, aesthetic and durable tent with a timeless design.

The new series of NEOtent™ Standard and Plus tents, created on the basis of its predecessor NEOtent™ Basic, sets new standards in the segment of quick assembly pop-up tents.

NEOtent™ consists of two lines and up to 8 different sizes! It’s the perfect solution for events, outdoor exhibitions, trade stands and much more … The versatility of NEOtent™ allows you to create a unique place of contact with the customer in the open air. We know from experience that a good display of the brand opens up many possibilities for our clients, that’s why by introducing new NEOtent ™ lines we could not be more excited!

The creation of an improved quick-assembly tent required many hours of work by several teams and a serious approach to the project. The safety and comfort of the tent user is of the utmost importance to us, which is why NEOtent™ is distinguished by its comfort and durability.

In addition to the improved design elements, we constantly focus on improving the quality of our printing. The printing options for the NEOtent™ pop-up tents are practically unlimited! Freedom of personalization means that NEOtent™ is the most-chosen advertising tent by the most demanding customers.

We hope that the optimized Standard and Plus models will satisfy even more customers and will allow for a better exposure of your brand!