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Question about product

  • The extended warranty of up to 5 years for awnings with non-printed acrylic fabric is an added benefit for users, providing them with long-lasting protection and confidence in the durability and quality of the product.
  • Large size: width up to 7,2m and overhang up to 4m,
  • The awning is housed in an aluminium semi-cassette which protects the fabric against harmful effects of the atmospheric conditions,
  • The awning arms are suspended under the cassette which makes the whole structure much more robust,
  • In addition, the awning can be equipped with a LED lighting system which is located in the arms,
  • Possibility to make customised advertising prints,
  • Frame in white, grey, anthracite or brown.
Product description

California advertising awning

The semi-cassette awning is a type of canopy for restaurant gardens or cafés. High-quality aluminium cover protects the material against damage. This solution allows greater user comfort and helps to preserve the natural colour of the awning, regardless of the weather conditions. The semi-cassette California awning completely covers the fabric and only the arms from below are visible, thanks to which the arms are made of aluminium, there is no risk of corrosion. The cassette also plays an aesthetic function.

Technical data
Available sizes
Width [m]Outreach [m]Weight [kg / lm]
2,4 – 7,2
2,4 – 7,2
3,0 – 7,2
3,6 – 7,2
4,2 – 7,2
4,8 – 7,2
Additional information
  • Cover:
    Acrylic, Airtex (PVC-coated polyester), Polyester
  • Printing techniques:
    Digital printing (Airtex), Screen printing (polyester, acrylic)
  • Frame colour:
    Anthracite, Brown, White, Gray
  • Valance:
    Straight or wavy
  • Inclination angle:
    5 – 60°
  • Wind class:
    1 or 2
  • Installation:
    To the facade
  • Opening system:
  • Packaging:
    Cardboard box 30 cm x 30 cm x (width + ~20 cm)
  • Options:
    Electric motor, Lighting, Steering remote, Telescopic supports to reinforce the awning structure – cannot be used with the weather station, Weather station
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