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ECO solutions

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Ecological solutions

We have undertaken action to reduce our impact on the natural environment. Recently, we have introduced innovative recycled yarn to manufacture advertising media, we also actively contribute to environmental protection.
Our approach is not limited to the processing of PET bottles for rPet yarn production, but we also aim to reduce the consumption of non-renewable raw materials and eliminate harmful emissions into the atmosphere in our production plants.
Therefore, we are proud to inform that all parts of our umbrellas: aluminum frame, polyester and acrylic covers, can be recycled. The information diagram illustrating the recycling method is attached to the product at the customer’s request.
In addition to this, the plastic waste generated during the production cycle is processed and reused again.

ECO solutions

Recycled yarn
Yarn for recycled fabrics (PET bottles). We have certified suppliers in the supply chain
100% product recycling
All parts of our parasols are recyclable (aluminium frame, polyester and acrylic covers, polypropylene parts)
Plastic waste
Plastic waste from production is processed and reused
Aluminum from waste
Aluminum waste returns to the steelworks
Smaller packaging
We have reduced the size of transport packaging to reduce the CO2 emissions during transport
EcoVadis distinction
For development and achievements in the areas of environmental protection

Less waste, less CO2 emission

No less than 98% of products recyclable
ECO certification
Recycled fabric from PET bottles
Packaging optimization
to face the requirements of courier companies

We receive Gold ECOVADIS 2023

The most trusted assessments of business sustainability in the world
It is more than a prize, it is a way to develop ecobusiness
EcoVadis for development and achievements in the areas of environmental protection, fair enployment and sustainale supply chain. We are checked/audited by external, independent, international entities (INTERTEK ECOVADIS)

We are in a very small, prestigious group of entities with the highest rating in our industry – TOP 1%

How PET bottles are reused

During the year, we can use 260 milion PET bottles to produce the yarn for our products.
(Assuming that everyone orders recycled parasols)

Reclaiming plastic

Recycling 1 tonne of PET plastic saves*:
*Data taken from Citeo, a French waste management institution.

How is PET plastic used?

Products containing plastics
Recovered plastic elements
Selection and grinding of material
Yarn production from recyclied components
Finished fabric made of recycled plastics
Promotional parasols of the „rPET” series are made of not less than 65% of all recycled materials, including: the shareof recycled yarn in the sheathing – 100% and recycled aluminum in the frame – 90%.

    Use our ECO solutions in
    Your promotional materials

    Confirmation certificates
    Certificates confirming that the products come from the recycling proces.

    Audit of the entire supply chain.
    Boast that you are ECO
    Labels or other marked markings from our producents: incl. the word „recycling” on the parasol cover.
    Information materials
    Text materials: valuable informations about recycled fabric.
    Show that you are ECO
    Graphic sets and/or infographics

    Explore one of our eco solutions

    By choosing a cover made from recycled fabric (rPET), you are expressing your concern for the environment. The rPET fabric is obtained from used plastic bottles. The reuse of such plastic contributes to reducing the amount of plastic in landfills.

    Another step by Litex Promo towards ecology

    Less plastic, more recycled materials and biodegradable plastics. That’s what the new line (series) of Eco Way products at Litex Promo stand for!

    Certification: ecology and safety

    • Carbon footprint study
    • Environmental Declaration ISO-14021
    • Recycled Claim Standard
    • Dispose of harmful REACH raw materials
    • Product safety
    • Safe for children
    • Mechanical safety
    • Physical safety
    • Chemical safety
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