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Explore one of our eco solutions

We are ECO! Check out our recycled yarn covers (rPET) rPET fabric cover By choosing a cover made of recycled fabric (rPET), you are expressing your concern for the environment. The rPET fabric is obtained from used plastic bottles....

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Another step by Litex Promo towards ecology

Meet the new Harmony parasol! More ecologically, meaning how exactly? Less plastic, more recycled materials and biodegradable plastics. That’s what the new line (series) of Eco Way products at Litex Promo stand for! The...

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How to Design Advertising Tents?

Advertising tents are effective promotional tools suitable for various outdoor events such as festivals, concerts, trade shows or sports competitions. Nevertheless, in order to maximize their possibilities, it’s necessary to pay special attention...

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Outdoor Advertising – Pros and Cons

Outdoor advertising remains to be seen as one of the most popular methods of promotion chosen by a number of companies and organizations. Obviously, the list of advantages and disadvantages of this solution is pretty long. Therefore, it’s worth taking...

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How to clean an awning?

Markizy cieszą się powodzeniem zarówno w kawiarnianych i restauracyjnych ogródkach, jak i w prywatnych ogrodach i balkonach. Chronią przed promieniowaniem słonecznym oraz deszczem i pozwalają na miłe spędzanie czasu na świeżym powietrzu. Aby towarzyszyły...

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How to Secure Advertising Tents?

Advertising tents are one of the most popular advertising products chosen by companies which want to promote their businesses in the open air. They’re a perfect solution for all kinds of outdoor events, moreover, for many they’re also an integral...

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How to make a good banner ad for outside?

It might seem that various forms of outdoor advertisements became a relic of the past in the era of the omnipresent Internet and social media. However, that’s totally untrue! Advertising banners remain one of the most popular promotional tools which...

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Ideas for marketing actions during festivals

There is one thing all festivals have in common – they attract crowds of interested people. Various companies organize numerous events almost every day or week. The main purpose of these activities is to show a given brand in a good light and ensure...

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