Product description

PVC banners can become a good way for letting your customers get to know about your company and the scope of business. They are also attractive, durable and inexpensive means of promotion – a lot of advertising agencies rely on them due to this characteristics.

When asked for the best way of dragging the attention of potential buyers, we always answer: please invest in PVC banners. Since they can bear any logo, trademarks and graphics, they are ideal for every company owner who wishes to increase his or her company recognition. And probably this is the reason why these banners are the most popular among our customers.

The banners can be used both inside and outside buildings. Thanks to the use of special material – PCV 510 g – they are durable and resistant to bad weather conditions. Each item can be cut with the use of thermal cutting method and for this reason we can produce banners in unlimited size, unless the maximum width is 3m. The banners are rolled up and equipped with 6 or 10 mm eyelets situated every 50 cm. In order to fix it to the wall, it can be provided with hooks and rubber expanders, or top and bottom aluminium bars and a string.

PVC banners are ideal for broad-defined company promotion or to advertise a particular product.

any size / max width 3m
Standard material
PVC 510g

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