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Awnings & Marquees

Patio awnings have been made to make time spent in the fresh air more enjoyable. They protect from strong sunlight and UV radiation, providing relaxing shade.
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This terrace Andalusia awning is an excellent option for those striving to obtain a large advertising area.


They adorn picturesque towns in Italy and Spain. In Poland, their aesthetic qualities and practical function have also been recognised.


Extended warranty on selected models

The semi-cassette awning is a type of canopy for restaurant gardens or cafés. High-quality aluminium cover protects the material against damage.


Extended warranty on selected models

The Palermo awning has the most advanced full cassette awning installation system.


Extended warranty on selected models

The Roma terrace awning will meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, while its unusual “rectangular shape” appearance will certainly attract attention.

Duetto Classic

They prove ideal in urban spaces to complement the summer gardens of establishments, i.e. restaurants, bars and cafés.

Pergola Standard

Aluminium Pergola Standard is a simple and functional protection against the sun.

Sun Shade sail awnings

Steady and safe construction of this shade sail makes an avantgarde and eye-catching installation.

Patio promotional awnings – why is it worth buying?

Patio promotional awnings are commonly used in café and restaurant patios, home gardens, patios, balconies, and summer cottages. Branded awnings are also widely used for street shop windows.

Litex Promo Sp. z o.o. offers a wide choice of patio awnings. It is a very popular product that not only protects from strong sunlight or rain, but also may display a logo and promote your company. Patio awnings may be treated as a business advertisement that is well exposed among the urban space, colourful, and easily draws attention of potential Customers. Note that Customers spend mostly around 45 minutes in the shade of patio awnings, which is enough for them to remember your brand and logo for good.

Patio branded awnings – types and product choice

Patio awnings are divided into three types: non-cassette, half-cassette, and full-cassette. The division is based on the fixing method. If you do not know which type will best suit your needs, contact us — we will be happy to choose the optimum solution for you.

Free-standing awnings — made of two roll-up awnings, used for covering large areas. We offer the following type: Duetto Classic (no need to fix it to the building, perfect for restaurant outdoor dining areas).

Terrace and cafe patio canopies

Litex Promo offers a wide range of products for covering a terrace, patio or large areas which require a special product tailored to the Customer’s individual needs.

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