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Types of opening systems for parasols sunshades

Choosing the right parasol opening system is directly related to the comfort of its use and individual preferences. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages that affect the convenience of using the parasol the speed of its opening, and the aesthetics and style of the product.

Comparison of Opening Systems by Litex Promo

We encourage you to explore the various opening (and closing) mechanisms of our promotional parasols to learn about the unique solutions related to their use. In order to make the selection of the appropriate sunshade parasol a model easier for our customers, we have prepared videos showcasing all the opening systems among the parasols available in our offer. Check out how the umbrella you’ve chosen is operated to ensure that it meets your needs. We hope that this material will facilitate the choice of the perfect parasol for you.

Opening System for the Beach Parasol

The opening system for the Beach Parasol is simple and intuitive, making it hassle-free for users to operate the parasol. Simply by raising the canopy (head) of the parasol upwards, you will reach a distinctive “click” moment at the end, which serves as a kind of lock and signal that the parasol is fully open and will not close unless you press the “button” to release the lock and allow the parasol to close.

This mechanism is comparable to the standard system used in umbrellas.

Opening system of the “click” type (also known as “skip”)

The click-type opening system is one of the simplest opening systems designed for sun parasols. It features an automatic opening mechanism, more precisely referred to as the “click” (which is the specific point of maximum tension on the cover during the parasol’s opening). Operating parasols equipped with this type of mechanism is not complicated.

Which parasols have the push-button opening system (P skip)?

Easyshift Opening System

The Easyshift opening system is a type of parasol opening mechanism where we use a convenient handle to open the parasol. At the moment of fully raising the canopy, when a characteristic “easyshift” occurs (which is a kind of point of maximum canopy opening), we secure the opening mechanism with a so called “pin” (a type of blocking pin on a string that secures the canopy from sudden closure). This type of solution is present in the economical versions of parasols from our offer and falls into the category of uncomplicated parasol operating systems. You will find it in models of parasols with medium dimensions.

Which parasols have the Easyshift opening system?

Rope Opening System

Opening a parasol with a rope opening system is done using a rope. Simply use the rope to lift the canopy upward, and after securing the top part of the mast with a pin, wind the rope around the prepared handle located at the bottom of the frame. The rope opening system is popular among many Litex Promo customers.

This system can be compared to operating a boat mast using a similar rope or hoisting a flag on a mast.

Which parasols have the rope opening system?

Telescope Handle Opening System

Parasols equipped with the telescope handle opening system present a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance than versions with the skip-handle or rope opening systems. This opening mechanism is available for parasols of medium dimensions (e.g., 3m, 4m). The implemented opening system is the most ergonomic for users (opening such a parasol requires minimal effort and the fewest number of actions compared to other systems). Users of this system experience additional support when opening and closing large-sized parasols. The parasol handle (grip) is operated with one hand. By employing this type of solution, the canopy of the parasol lifts upwards during its opening, facilitating the arrangement of tables with chairs beneath the parasol, and eliminating the need to rearrange them for parasol operation.

Which parasols feature the telescope handle opening system?

Opening System for ETT Telescopic Parasols

The unconventional solution involving a folding mast of the parasol (rather than the entire mast, as in standard parasols) to facilitate its transportation required adapting the opening system to this specification. In this case, we opted for a telescopic opening system. Easy To Transport Telescopic parasols primarily offer the ability to easily close the parasol when café tables or a seating set are directly underneath. This mechanism allows for free arrangement under the parasols without the need to move furniture for parasol operation. Customers appreciate the folding mast, especially those with limited storage space for parasols after the season.

Crank-Key Opening System

Many people often wonder how the largest parasols in our offer are opened. The only right solution in this case was to implement the crank-key opening system. This name might sound “fairly delicate,” but that’s not its defining characteristic. Parasols from 6m and above are opened using an available crank key, which, among other reasons, is not permanently attached to the parasol for safety purposes. It’s a type of handle that, when mounted in its designated hole, allows for the easy operation of large-sized parasols. As you can see in the attached video, one person is sufficient for the daily operation of some of the largest parasols available in the market. Not without reason, we describe our parasols as some of the most functional products on the market!

Which parasols have the crank-key opening system?

System of Opening for Rio Parasols

As the name of the opening system suggests, the telescopic- handle type Rio opening system is placed in parasols with a side pole of the same name. Almost every parasol in our offer has its distinctive opening system!

The Rio parasol is opened (and closed) using an auxiliary handle. Subsequently, the canopy of the parasol can be adjusted as desired using the handle at the back of the mast. This not only offers a quick and easy solution but also ensures safety during the opening (and closing) of the parasol.

The telescopic-handle type Rio opening system provides incredible convenience and intuitiveness.

Opening System for Ibiza Parasols

The Ibiza parasol has its own simple way of opening. Just use the handles on the frame, gently push the canopy forward until there is enough space for it to unfold. Lift the top part of the parasol and secure it with the fasteners on the frame. Then remove the securing strap and use the crank to unfold the fabric of the parasol. That’s it! The Ibiza parasol is ready for use.

Opening System for Atlantic Parasols

The opening of premium parasols doesn’t look the same as with other lower-priced parasols. The Atlantic parasol opening system stands out primarily due to its design and aesthetic craftsmanship. The handle that facilitates the easy operation of the parasol is made from the highest quality materials, and the opening mechanism itself is exceptionally durable.

There’s no doubt that both the parasol and its opening system belong to the premium category.

The Atlantic Parasol is a combination of extremely sturdy materials, an easy opening system, and an excellent appearance. These are just a few of the many advantages of this innovative system. Discover for yourself what premium quality in a sunshade parasol truly means!

Opening System for Harmony EcoWay Parasols

The premium Harmony EcoWay parasol opening system combines simplicity and solid construction, with a mechanism made from durable aluminum components. The carefully designed structure and modern parasol design play a significant role here, making the operation of the parasol exceptionally exclusive. The durability and reliability of the opening (and closing) mechanism ensure comfort and ease of use. Opening and closing are intuitive and won’t cause users any trouble.

The mechanism is comparable to the standard system used in rain umbrellas.
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