An advertisement may serve as an attractive decoration. Many Customers of Litex Promo Sp. z o.o. have realised that themselves. We offer high quality printing on a special fabric reinforced with an aluminium framework.

Typical textile advertisement

Standard textile advertisement solutions allowing logo exposition and brand promotion are popular with our Customers. Litex Promo offers promotional prints on the following products:
• Table covers — textile advertisements on table covers are perfect for restaurants and other food and drink establishments;
• Aprons — a solution recommended for food and drink establishments and food producers;
• Pillows — a branded textiles widely used in hotels, hostels, and any facilities offering overnight accommodation;

Branded textiles — why should you choose it?

An advertising textiles is not only an advertising medium, but it also may serve as a decoration and provide a unique interior touch. We guarantee that even the most demanding Customers will be satisfied with our product aesthetics. Promotional textiles is made on the highest class knitted fabrics, which perfectly emphasises the colours of a banner, provides the proper black levels and perfect gradient of even dark graphics.
An advertising slogan depends on your individual needs and may be adapted for the current marketing objectives of your company.