Product description

As a leading banners manufacturer, we know that being able to offer convenient to use and innovative products is a must. Therefore, we would like to introduce to our clients innovative and ultra-light advertising banners that are equipped with special perforations. The advertising means are made of non-woven fabrics, which allowed to limit the weight of the banner to absolute minimum.

Non-woven banners are performed on the non-woven basis of the following diameters: 0.97 m and 2 m of width. The available length of the roller can be: 20, 25 or 50 meters. The standard material used in the production of the non-wove banners is the 130g fabric – its usage makes the whole product very light and convenient to use.

Each of the banners of this type may be equipped with 6 or 10 mm eyelets situated every 50 cm. What is more, in order to make the installation easier, there are hooks and a rubber expander available. To keep the banner in the unchanged shape, we recommend to use top/bottom bars and the string attached to it. The non-woven banners are rolled up, which makes their delivery and storage less problematic.

A huge advantage of these promo means is that they can be prepared in almost every size – we cut them with the use of thermal cutting method. Taking into account it is economical and easy to fix, we do not wonder these banners are our bestsellers.

Sizes on a roller:
- 0.97 x 20 m
- 0.97 x 25 m
- 0.97 x 50 m
- 2 x 20 m
- 2 x 25 m
- 2 x 50 m
Standard material
non-woven 130g

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