How to arrange a garden restaurant?

Gastronomy is an extremely complex industry. Due to the sizable competition, restaurant owners have to do their best to provide guests not only with unforgettable taste and look of the dishes but also with pleasant atmosphere. The process of designing a cosy interior and garden of the restaurant is quite a challenge that may significantly burden the company’s budget. So is the game worth the candle? Absolutely! Popular pubs and restaurants can bring really high profits, even in small cities.

how to arrange a restaurant garden

Summer is the perfect moment to pamper your clients who paint the town red while spending free afternoons with family or friends and having a meal together. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take care of your garden restaurant and ensure that guests can feel comfortable and pleasant sitting there. But how to design it? Keep reading!

Comfortable chairs and tables in various sizes

Do you want to take the maximal advantage of your garden restaurant? If so, you need to provide your clients with tables in various sizes. When running a popular restaurant, you ought to be ready to wine and dine both couples who chose your place for a date and a bunch of friends who want to celebrate their successes in a more sizable group.

So how to select the most suitable chairs and tables that will match the style of your garden restaurant? Be consistent. This means that it’s advisable to purchase items from the same manufacturer and preferably from the same product line. Consequently, your furniture will be matching thanks to the same materials and style.

Garden restaurant parasols protecting against sun and rain

Probably like most people in the world, you don’t like when it’s starting to rain or blow when you’re sitting in a garden restaurant and having a meal with your beloved ones. Dazzling and extremely strong sunshine can also be problematic, especially when it’s combined with high temperature that can be really dangerous. Make sure that there is a parasol at every table in your garden restaurant.

But how to match the parasols’ design to the style of your premises? Actually, there are two solutions. First of all, you can take advantage of advertising materials (e.g. a brewery) in exchange for lower product prices or other benefits. Second of all, you can design and produce your own parasols that will undoubtedly make your restaurant more chic. Remember that the devil is in the details and carefully selected elements constitute a consistent whole.

Advertising parasols come in numerous captivating variants. Thanks to it, everybody can effortlessly find the size, shape, price and style that meets their expectations. Take a closer look at models offered at Litex where you can find product lines like:

The above list comprises only a few examples. To see our full product range, visit our website. It’s a good idea to check out available alternatives that will allow you to tailor the applied solutions to the needs and expectations of your visitors.

Giant parasol

How to protect your clients against cold?

Even during hot summer, evenings can be really chilly. Opening and furnishing gardens only for two months doesn’t sound attractive? So what to do to extend this season? Consider investing in special gas heaters that can be located at the tables. Apart from being extremely efficient, they guarantee safe operation and comfort of your clients.

Aesthetically pleasing gas heaters enable your guests to spend long evenings in the garden restaurant. Natural fire is a perfect alternative to artificial light that ruins the mood of a pleasant evening spent with family or friends. Such a surrounding will surely appeal to your clients who will be happy to purchase another beer or a few cocktails. This, in turn, will undoubtedly contribute to the recognition and versatility of your garden restaurant.