How to clean an awning?

Awnings enjoy great popularity among both café or garden restaurant visitors and private garden or patio owners. These accessories perfectly protect from sunlight and rain, thus allowing us to spend quality, pleasurable time outdoors. To ensure that your canvas awnings will serve you for years, it’s worth providing them with appropriate care and finding out what cleaning methods are the most suitable.

how to clean a awning

How to clean a canvas awning?

The canvas of the awning is the main element exposed to various types of dirt. It has to face a variety of external factors such as UV radiation, rain, snow and strong wind. For this reason, the correct care of the canvas is particularly important and has a great influence on its durability.

The awning cleaning process should start with removing leaves, dust and dirt. A brush or a vacuum cleaner will be perfect for this purpose. Then, you may focus on getting rid of the remaining dirt. It’s a good idea to prepare lukewarm water whose temperature reaches maximally 40 degrees and mix it with a mild detergent, such as a dishwashing liquid. Apply the mixture to each stain and let it soak for a while. Once the dirt dissolves, you can rinse the fabric to remove the detergent residue.

How to clean and remove mold from an awning?

When awnings are exposed to humidity, you can frequently observe that mold starts to develop on the canvas. So how to remove green stains from your awning? Traditional mold removers should definitely be avoided as they are usually very invasive and can discolor the fabric. The best approach is to dry rub most of the mold and then clean the remaining dirt with lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Make sure that the awning is completely dry before you decide to fold it.

Awning frame cleaning

Keep in mind that awnings are highly popular solutions not only for home gardens, terraces and patios. They are also frequently used by restaurants, cafes, bars or stores. Advertising patio awnings are a great way to promote your business – placing them above your premises ensures attracting the attention of passers-by and obtaining new customers.

Therefore, it’s worth doing your best to guarantee the aesthetic look of your awnings. The canvas isn’t the only awning element that can get dirty – proper frame cleaning is equally relevant. Very often, frames are covered with dust and dirt. From time to time, it’s possible to observe more serious stains. Most of the dry dirt can be removed with a vacuum cleaner or a brush. On the other hand, more resistant dirt can be wiped with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Appropriate awning cleaning methods

How to safely clean an awning without damaging it? It’s definitely advisable to avoid strong detergents and sharp brushes. It’s also not the best idea to use high pressure cleaners or hot water to clean the canvas. Applying the aforementioned awning cleaning methods can result in discoloring the fabric and weakening the seams which greatly reduces the product lifespan. Humidity is another factor that can be harmful for your awning and may contribute to the mold growth. That’s why, it’s essential to thoroughly clean the canvas and dry the awning before putting it away. Thanks to it, you’ll avoid permanent damages to the fabric and the awning will serve you for many years to come.