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Wind Barrier

Question about product

  • Protection from wind and noise thanks to an innovative height adjustment mechanism.
  • Safety toughened glass for durability and clarity of view.
  • Printable for individual branding and brand distinction.
  • Varied mounting options for installation in a variety of conditions and locations.
  • Wind resistance of up to 120 km/h with the structure open and up to 200 km/h with the structure closed, confirming extraordinary durability and stability.
Product description

Innovation in wind and noise protection

Are you looking for a solution that effectively protects your space from wind and noise without compromising on aesthetics? Wind Barrier glass extendable balustrades are an innovative product that combines modern design with functionality. Using safety toughened glass and adjustable height, these balustrades are ideal for spaces that require flexibility and style.

Design meets functionality

Wind Barrier – a revolution in the protection of outdoor spaces. Our retractable glass balustrades are not only an aesthetic addition to any space, but also a practical solution for protection against adverse weather conditions. The aluminium frame provides a modern look, while the clear, toughened glass ensures safety and unobstructed light flow.

Durability you can count on

Safety and durability without compromise. Wind Barrier balustrades are designed to withstand extreme conditions, with winds of up to 200 km/h when closed. By using the highest quality materials, we guarantee a product that will serve you without fail for years.

Technical data
Additional information
  • Material:
    Safety tempered glass, aluminium frame
  • Height adjustment:
    Mechanism for quick and easy height changes
  • Permissible maximum wind speed [m/s (km/h)]:
    120 km/h (open), 200 km/h (closed)
  • Mounting options:
    Anchoring to the ground, free-standing fence with different bases (aluminium pot, steel base, bench)
  • Personalisation:
    Can be printed for individual design.
  • Operation:
    Simple and reliable lifting mechanism.

Adapted to your needs

Wind Barrier balustrades have been designed with a variety of applications in mind. Whether you need protection for a café garden or are looking for an elegant solution for a business space, our extendable balustrades will meet your needs. The ability to imprint gives you a unique opportunity to make your brand stand out, while a variety of mounting options provide installation versatility.

Safety and durability come first

The weather resistance of our balustrades is not just a promise – it is a guarantee of safety. Tested under extreme conditions, Wind Barrier balustrades can withstand winds of up to 200 km/h, ensuring peace of mind in any situation. Safe, toughened glass guarantees long-term use without risk of damage.

Café gardens
The ideal solution for protecting customers from wind and noise, while offering an elegant decorative element.
Restaurants with terraces
Increase guest comfort by making the balustrade height adjustable according to weather conditions.
Hotels and resorts
Perfect for separating relaxation areas, providing privacy and protection from adverse weather conditions.
Business and office spaces
Elegant separation of outdoor spaces, with the possibility of personalisation and branding.

Minimalist design and clarity

Elegance that catches the eye. Our Wind Barrier balustrades combine minimalist design with functionality, offering a modern look through the use of an aluminium frame. The laminated glass allows maximum natural light to flow through, while providing unparalleled durability. Choosing our balustrades is a guarantee of introducing an element of exceptional aesthetics into any space, without interfering with natural lighting.

Innovation in glass balustrades

A moving part that adapts to you. The uniqueness of our Wind Barrier balustrades is underlined by the simplicity of operation – a light pressure is all it takes to raise the moving part. For those who appreciate even more convenience, we offer a model with automatic lifting via electric actuators. This combines convenience and technology at the highest level.

Protection of the outside area against the wind

Not just a wind barrier. Wind Barrier balustrades are not only excellent wind protection, but also sound insulation that effectively dampens external noise. They are ideal in areas exposed to adverse weather conditions, providing peace of mind and comfort.

Perfectly crafted and comfortable to use

Designed with you in mind. The innovation of our balustrades is the result of a quest for perfection. Designed for spaces where wind, sand and noise are a challenge, Wind Barrier oferują możliwość łatwej regulacji wysokości glass. Adapting the balustrade to current weather conditions or individual preferences has never been easier.
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